The Stockbroker – 11

Howdy Wes, he said. Justine. He turned toward the backdoor and didn’t say anything for a moment and then he turned back to Justine and said: It’s Morris. I know who it is, dummy. You believe here we are havin one of our domestic disputes and then all of a sudden I turn around to … Read more

The Stockbroker – 10

They watched him as he came up, hallooing at him. Howdy Ricky, he said. Jimmy. Mark. They each stood and shook his hand and pat him on his back and told him that it had been too long and that he should come by more often but that he was probably too much of a … Read more

The Stockbroker – 9

He walked the trail under the light of the towers and came out onto Niles Road and then walked over to Upson Street. He stood on the curb and had a bump and looked up at the streetlight, at the whirling ball of insects. A new swarm of mayflies approached the light and the swarm … Read more

The Stockbroker – 8

The one called Jane was pulling at her tshirt where the sleeves were cut out. Then she watched him for a moment before she spoke again. You sleep-off that jump, mister?, she said. I guess. You didn’t much look like you were interested in breathing again. Good old Adolf goin and savin you. Kind of … Read more

The Stockbroker – 7

Even as he was in mid-air he knew that it was a mistake and when he hit the water he hit it sideways and he looked as if he made no effort to rise and eventually the others at the top of the cliff yelled down to him but there was no movement still. A … Read more

The Stockbroker – 6

It was about a mile down to the greenbelt. Near the trailhead he ran out a flock of yellow heron that only stood there now looking at him. Waiting for him to move on so to continue at whatever it was they were feeding. He walked the few feet to the head and turned to … Read more

The Stockbroker – 5

When he pulled up to the shelter he helped them out of the backseat. He had driven past the protesters with their rows of placards. She had told him that they were not wanted downtown. The homeless. Had told him that the downtown was rich now but that he probably knew it. Lastly she’d told … Read more

The Stockbroker – 4

He could see now that she was holding a baby. He kept on over to the attendant station and through the plexiglass paid five dollars for gas. The intercom crackled. You gotta stop it yourself, the voice said. He was halfway back toward the pump when he stopped to watch them. An old man with … Read more

The Stockbroker – 3

At the time that he had gone from the door Bags was telling him to hold up and he did and they walked together over toward his car. The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, like the rivers of water. He turns it wherever He wishes. It’s right there in Kings, he … Read more

The Stockbroker – 2

He sat up, remaining there for a while. Looking out the windshield. Already the grackle had been chased off with a scare cannon and already they were stubbornly readying their return. A mass of black wings circling out and wheeling above the horizon, then stalling, setting like a menagerie in mid-air before swooping low and … Read more