The Stockbroker – 11

Howdy Wes, he said. Justine.

He turned toward the backdoor and didn’t say anything for a moment and then he turned back to Justine and said: It’s Morris.

I know who it is, dummy.

You believe here we are havin one of our domestic disputes and then all of a sudden I turn around to someone callin my name and it’s Morris.

Yes, dummy, it’s what happened.

Well I’ll be. Just like old times.

She shook her head. Just like old times, she said.

Just like old times, Wes. He walked over toward them and Wes fell to hugging him.

We’ll finish this later, Wes, she said.

Oh, it’s finished honey. Morris and I are goin to the Rose.

Whatever. Just shower fore you come to bed, okay.

He raised his hand to her in a salute and then kissed her on the mouth and she sat down in a folding garden chair and lit a cigarette while they went on into the house.

Jon, she nodded.

They stood in the kitchen and Wes took from a drawer a gram bag and emptied some of its contents on the counter and took out a credit card and carved out six lines and he took from his wallet a hundred dollar bill and rolled it up and handed it to Morris. He took in the first line and then the second and handed the bill back to Wes. You got some whiskey, he said. Wes nodded and took in all three lines and then reached from the cupboard the bottle and two glasses. He poured them full and slid one over to Morris and they clinked the glasses and drank.

I’m sure glad you’re here, Jon.

He nodded.

It’s been hard brother. Ricky’s not doin too good. Got a liver doc that’s got him on the list though.

That’s good.

Yolanda up and left him too.

He handed him the bill and Morris took the last line and unfurled the bill and held it up. You mind Wes, he said. I get paid next week.

I don’t mind brother. What they got you workin for nothin?

He put the bill into his pocket. It just goes, he said.

Sure it does. From now on you come see me. No sense in buyin on the street. Plus this stuff’s damn good aint it. He put his hand on Morris’s shoulder and then cupped it around and held the back of his neck. You’s still afflicted brother, he said.

He lowered his hand and took up his glass, the other taking up his the same. To recovery, brother, he said.

She rapped on the back glass. You two idiots still here.