The Stockbroker – 3

At the time that he had gone from the door Bags was telling him to hold up and he did and they walked together over toward his car. The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, like the rivers of water. He turns it wherever He wishes. It’s right there in Kings, he said.

What am I supposed to do with that, Bags. 

When they got to the car he turned up at the sky. As if he meant so to have a private exchange with Him. So to extol the virtues of his cohort. Then he looked at the other and cocked his eyebrow. Do with it what it means, Morris, he said.

Well, what does it mean.

It means it aint up to you.

I think it is.

Is what.

Up to you. Up to me.

Well, you need to lighten that load, Morris.

He studied his friend. A large and flaxen man with red knuckles and a redline where his starched collar was aggravating his doughy neck. A native going as far back such he was remiss to consider any who had come or gone before. Backwashed in light like angels even as they arrived onto the southern shores. Backwashed in light like he was now. Children of the Sun nonetheless. Maybe I do, Bags, he finally said.

Say you want to get some Chinese food, Morris.

I can’t.

I’ve got a fix for those dumplins you showed me.

You’re a good friend, Bags.

Aw, cmon brother bring it in here. It’s all gonna turn out right.

I know it.

Without yet letting him go from what was a big bearhug he said: You gonna go to that thing this weekend. That girl who killed herself.

I don’t know, Bags. Let up.

What do you mean you don’t know.

I haven’t decided. Let up I said.

She’s your first, Morris. You gotta pay your respects. Ten years ago or not. It don’t matter.

He nodded as the big man was letting him go.

It’s all gonna turn out right, Morris.

Yeah, I know it.

Alright brother I’ll see you. Guess I’m goin to get a bit more GV before quittin time.

He put up his hand and the other turned and trotted back over to the office and on the point that he went inside he could hear him shout out some kind of rally cry for GlobalVillage and then the door closed behind him. He went on into his car and drove across the street and pulled up to the pump at the Valero station and cut the engine. When he got out of the car and bumped into her milkcrate she tugged at his pantleg and he told her to quit.

Help sir, she said.